Making your RV A Home With RVupgrades

When you’ve bought a mobile home, there’s nothing you want more than to make the best of it. After all, it’s an investment that will last years. For your RV or camper, you want to make sure you have the accessories you need to really make the most of that investment. RVupgrades has everything you need to ensure that your RV lasts long and is as pleasant for you and your family as can be. With an expansive selection of products, from appliances, automotive tools, electrical fixtures, hardware, and many more categories, RVupgrades is the one stop shop for all of your RV needs.

RVupgrades has all kinds of motorhome accessories. They have accessories for each room of your RV. For the bathroom, consider shower handles, a toothbrush holder, or a soap saver to keep all of your toiletries secure no matter what conditions you’re in. For the bedroom, RVupgrades has many options of bedding to choose from in assorted sizes. If you’re going to be traveling long distances in your motor home, you’ll want to keep your bed comfortable. With the selection of sheets, blankets, comforters, and more that RVupgrades has to offer, you can have all the comfort of home with all the excitement of a road trip. The kitchen of your motor home is one of the most important parts. You’ll want to have a kitchen that has all the amenities you can hope for in a limited space. RVupgrades has the appliances, rigs, and tools you’ll need to get the most out of your kitchen. They have handy cooking gadgets like microwave steamers, pressure cookers, and pancake batter dispensers to make it simple to cook great meals. They also have convenient rigs specifically made to economize the space in your RV’s kitchen, like mountable trashcans, plate and bowl dispensers, and lap tables so you can comfortably enjoy your meal.

Traveling in a mobile home doesn’t need to mean you can’t conveniently wash your laundry. Not only does RVupgrades have washers and dryers designed for motor homes, but they also have all the accompanying accessories. Accessories to make laundry simple include mounted clotheslines, retractable clothes hooks, and drying racks. RVupgrades has all of these and more. Your RV should be perfect for the whole family, and that includes your pets. RVupgrades has all of the essentials for your pets to come along with you on all of your road trips. They have tick removers so that your pet can enjoy nature without putting him or her at risk of Lyme disease. They also have odor eliminators and upholstery-cleaning sprays to keep your furniture clean even when your pets have been playing outside all day before coming back into your motor home. They also carry tie-outs so that your dog can get some fresh air without having to worry about wandering off.

With RVupgrades, you can elevate your RV to the best it can be. Their array of motorhome accessories is sure to help make your RV feel more like a home, adding comfort to your trip. Visit them online today and see what they have for you!

Is Your RV Capable of Everything That You Need?

There are quite a lot of luxuries that come with owning an RV, especially if you’re a camping enthusiast. Nothing is better than having the option to kick back indoors when you’re done hiking or fishing outdoors, and that includes having the necessary commodities to make sure you don’t have to go back out again! It’s a messy topic, but an RV portable waste tank is a luxury that some just can’t live without. A broken one can be disastrous, and the last possible part of your RV that you want to break! Let’s not get into any graphic details, but this is a problem. That’s why you want to purchase your RV portable waste tank from a business that understands and loves RV supplies. Make sure that your purchase is a quality one with RVupgrades!

RVupgrades has been in business for quite some time. With over 15 years of quality service and happy customers, we could not be more proud. The fact of the matter is, we love what we do. There’s nothing better than sending a customer on their way, knowing that we improved the quality of their RV experience. With that said, we aim to please in every way that we possibly can, and that’s why we keep a wide variety of items in stock. Whether your RV needs a portable waste tank or a new hitch, we’ve got you covered. In fact, if you look at our site, you’ll see that we don’t just have a few options for a new hitch, but a plethora, an entire section! The same goes for any RV portable waste tank! Don’t bother going site to site to find the supplies that you need to keep your RV high-functioning and decked out; get it all from RVupgrades!

If you’re looking for something that’s more of a convenience than a functionality, we’ve got that too! What’s the point of bringing the indoors outside if the indoors aren’t stylish? With our help, you can make sure that the inside of your RV is up to date with fantastic furniture, kitchen supplies, and bathroom supplies. Get a new dish rack so no one gets away with slacking on the dishes! Get some storage so you’ll have books to read on your next adventure! No matter what the purpose, RVupgrades has something in store for you! Check out our selection today, and see all of the different products that we have to offer!

RVupgrades prides ourselves in our products, but we take even more pride in our customer care. Customer service is an important facet of any business, and our customer service representatives will make sure to take care of all of your needs. If you have any questions or concerns about a product, don’t hesitate to reach out! We’ll be able to steer you in the right direction and send you on your way in no time! That’s what sets RVupgrades apart from other businesses: we love what we do and we care about your experience.

The Perfect Vacation

Imagine you and your family lounging about the campsite with the family dog making rounds, eager to swim in the nearby lake. You’re going to take your youngest out for their first big hike, and you can’t wait to see the look on their face when they’re presented with the earliest memory of a waterfall they’ll ever have. Beautiful, isn’t it? These are the moments that we take to our heart and treasure most, but they don’t materialize out of the blue. A wonderful vacation takes planning, precaution, and diligence. There’s hard work to be done before the relaxation can begin, and if you’re going to be traveling via RV or plan on using a camper, you better have the right RV parts to ensure a safe and flawless trip. RVupgrades has continuously provided families with the parts necessary to secure the vacation of a lifetime, every time.

When it comes to RV parts, there’s a various degree of functionality involved with each purpose. Sometimes, a part can mean the difference between safe travels and a faulty vehicle. Other parts serve an aesthetic or luxury purpose, and although these parts aren’t vital to the success of your vehicle, they certainly cater to the enjoyment of your experience. Regardless of the part’s functionality, you can bet that you’ll find the best quality at RVupgrades. We’ve been serving camper parts to RV enthusiasts since 2002, and our customer satisfaction is unmatched by any competitor. Taking the time to keep up quality control with the extensive list of products that we offer can be a daunting task, but it’s a task that we gladly take on every day. An RV built with parts from RVupgrades is an RV that will provide you with that road trip you’ve always wanted.

Think about the trip that stands before you. Grand Canyon? Fantastic! The Grand Canyon remains one of Earth’s most majestic gifts, and getting to it involves quite a pleasant drive, albeit a long one! Let’s say you’re driving down a highway in the desert and you get a flat. What do you do? Well, you wouldn’t have to think about that scenario with a tire pressure monitor system from RVupgrades. Proper maintenance on your vehicle is an absolute necessity, and if you can’t tell that your tires are losing pressure before something dangerous happens, you could be stranded. Things like this can negatively impact what could have been a beautiful vacation; instead, why not take the time to supply your camper with the parts it needs to be truly road ready?

RVupgrades takes pride in what we do, and we’ve been doing it for some time now. Over fifteen years in the business has led to our time tested authority in the RV industry, and we want to use our vast knowledge of RV parts and products to help our customers to the fullest extent. If you have a question about a product on our site, or just need some guidance in upgrading your camper, contact us today. We’ll be happy to help!

Adventures on the Road

Are you someone that likes to take control over your own life as opposed to having someone do things for you? Or perhaps you are the type of person that enjoys the spontaneous weekend getaway? Either way, having your own personal camper is a wonderful way to travel and adventure with all of the control being in your very own hands. While you are on the road, you want to always be sure you have every piece of equipment you need to stay safe and keep everything running smoothly. Look no further than RVupgrades to find every accessory and piece of equipment you need from a 5th wheel hitch to a spare case of nuts and bolts. They can have any parts you may be missing or you may need shipped right to your front door.

If you tend to get up and go at a moment’s notice when given the chance, you may already own a camper or RV. If this is the case, you know how much goes in to making your portable vacation home run smoothly. One of the most important things to get yourself going is to make sure your RV or camper is hooked up to your truck securely. Nobody wants to see their home away from home rolling away from them on the highway into oncoming traffic! Get a 5th wheel hitch from RVupgrades and this worry will never even cross your mind. They offer different brands and types so no matter what type of vehicle you are driving or towing you will never have to worry about anything other than getting to your favorite campground and kicking back.

One of their most popular items is the B&W Trailer Hitches RVK3500 Companion 5th wheel hitch. It is easily removable and sturdy so there will be no jerking your camper or RV around. It is also able to be mounted under your truck bed so that you can still get all of the storage capacity you would get if you were to not have it at all, but with a much more safe method of transportation. It also has a feature that allows you to adjust the height so no matter the size or dimensions of your RV or camper, you can have it sit at the appropriate level to keep it safe and effective for road travel. If you have been using these items for many years and just need a small piece to fix something due to normal wear and tear, RVupgrades also offers a number of replacement parts and the equipment to install them. Something like the HitchGrip HG-712 Orange Hitch Coupling Tool will make installation a breeze, and it is small enough to keep on your camper at all times!

When travelling with large things like a camper or RV, you should always make sure your equipment is secure and safe before you hit the road. Once you are out there, the feeling of security cannot be matched. Get this exact feeling with RVupgrades. They can supply you with every tool you need to have the best adventure possible!

Happy Travels

When you go on vacation, you do not want to spend a single moment worrying about how prepared you are. This also applies to the readiness of your camper. With RVupgrades you can order all of the supplies you’ll need to make your trip a huge success, including all of the necessary camper parts. They offer a variety of items to protect your camper from the elements, ensuring you have everything to keep you and your family comfortable and everything working properly.


No one can control the weather, which is why you should always make sure your camper is prepared for all of the various things the elements can throw at you. Now of course, you would not want to be caught in a rain storm with a hole in your roof, so you should buy yourself a skylight. A wonderful option for that is the Specialty Recreation SL1414S Square RV Skylight. It is sized at 14 by 14 inches and comes in smoke black so you will not have to worry about a bright beam of light surprising you with a wake up call. It fits on standard A, B, and C motor homes, campers, RV’s, travel trailers, and pop-ups. The bubble height of it reaches only 3.5 inches so it does not add significant height to your camper. If the weather is looking particularly rough, you may also want to consider using a camper cover such as the PolyPRO3 10′-12′ Camper Cover. It will shield your camper with non-woven polypropyline and will fend off water, snow, dirt, animal droppings, UV rays, and dust. You can rest easy knowing your camper is safe and secure with the camper parts purchased from RVupgrades.

When on the road, it is easy to get homesick. With the right camper parts, you can make your space feel just like home. With the Winegard SK-1000 Trav’Ler Automatic Dish 1000 you can hook up your favorite channels to watch when you just want to sit back and relax with your favorite television programs, even while you are far away from wherever you call home. What better to go with your show than popcorn, which you can make fresh in your Contoure RV-950S 1.0 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel Built-In RV Microwave. It has 10 different power levels to perfectly heat any food items you want. It also comes handy with a child lock feature to protect your family.

RVupgrades offers all of the little items you might need to make sure your camper is always in tip-top shape. For instance, you would never want to leave your camper unlocked while you are away enjoying your newest adventure, so you can buy an RV Designer E309 Screen Door Latch made for Coleman brand equipment. This way everything can be completely safe from any animal or human intruders. If your trim just is not looking up to par with how it usually does, they offer vinyl inserts from JR Products. It is certified by RoHS standards to make sure your products are of the highest quality.

No matter where you are going, you want to make sure you are all set to go there. With RVupgrades, you can find all the materials you need to do just that. If you are worried about weather, safety, or just a little bit of homesickness, they can supply everything you need to keep your camper in the best shape it can be in.

Chill Out, Heat Up

Comfort is often the number one priority when on vacation. Making sure that your RV is at a desireable temperature is a huge part of that comfort. When you get home from a sweaty hike or a dip in a cool lake in the evening, it is a wonderful feeling to come back to your campsite and see your digital RV thermostat with a number that is exactly what you were hoping for. Whether you need your space cooled or heated, RVupgrades has just the product to make it happen.

Sometimes you and your family come home from exploring on a hot summer evening, and all you want to come home to is an RV that is cool and comfortable to unwind in. With the air conditioners provided by RVupgrades you can make that happen. If you want something that does not stick out too much, the Advent Air ACRG14 Flash Freeze Ducted AC with Ceiling Assembly might be the way to go. It has a sleek design that will blend in perfectly with the rest of your decor. This way you can keep your family cool without the detriment of a large obnoxious box hanging out of your window. Of course, to use it, you will need to also purchase a digital RV thermostat to keep the air conditioner regulated. Using both of these together will give you the utmost comfort in your own space, whatever temperature that comfort may exist at.

If you have ever been caught in the middle of a rainstorm, you know a nicely heated space is exactly what you need when you get home. The combination of a digital RV thermostat and an RV heating system can give you such comfort. If you want to bring the same feeling of your house into your RV, you can add the Dimplex DF2600L 26″ Plug-In RV Electric Fireplace to your personal space. It adds heat up to 400 square feet with a beautiful LED light display resembling a real fireplace, just like the one you have at home. It plugs into any standard outlet and is easy to install in any space in a matter of minutes, so you can warm up your RV and keep your family comfortable in no time at all. If you want to have the most control over your heating system, it would also make sense to invest in a Coleman Mach 9430-3372 Digital Heat/Cool RV Air Conditioner Thermostat. It will give you a digital reading with control over your various heating and cooling elements so you can get your RV to the perfect temperature that you prefer.

No matter what your activities during the day entail, you always want to come home after a long day out to a space that is not only safe, but also comfortable. Using the heating and cooling systems from RVupgrades, you can achieve this comfort without sacrificing the decor you have worked so hard to organize in your RV. With these wonderful electronics you will never have to worry about your home away from home being anything less than perfect. Get yours today!

Portable Waste Tanks Help You Get the Most Out of Your RV

One of the greatest draws of owning and operating an RV is the sense of liberation. From the moment you sit behind the wheel for the first time, you become aware that your horizons are as vast and distant as the road itself. Whether its meandering through the Yukon or coasting through the Midwest, your RV gives you the ability to make your home wherever you please.

But without the right equipment, even the most adventurous traveler is going to be limited in their endeavors. One key issue that every RV owner needs to consider is sanitation. Sanitation may not be the first thing on your mind when you’re planning a trip, but it should be. The truth is that many potential sites for setting up your RV won’t have a sewage system to hook up to. You might be able to get by using your internal waste tank, but this option could limit the length of your stay, since you’d have to find a place to dump your waste that wasn’t directly on the site. Without a portable sewer tank, the number of potential campsites becomes limited.

But you bought an RV to escape these sorts of limits! That’s why portable sewer tanks are a crucial component for any serious RV owner. RVupgrades has a variety of portable waste tanks for you to choose from, ranging from 5 gallons all the way up to 35 gallons. Simply hook the portable waste tank to your holding tank. Most portable waste tanks have wheels to make carting to your dump location a breeze. After you’ve dumped your waste, you can flush out the inside of the tank by attaching any ¾” male garden hose and running water through it. The entire process is strikingly simple and will leave you wondering why you didn’t invest in a portable tank sooner.

RVupgrades has continued to supply quality RV components since our founding in 2002. We work hard to bring you the lowest prices possible on our full range of RV parts and accessories. Along with low prices, we offer fast, reliable shipping. After all, what good is a new portable waste tank if it arrives days after you were supposed to hit the road? And what good is a retailer if we neglect to give our customers the tools they need to make informed decisions about their purchases? That’s why we pride ourselves on giving you the specs and dimensions of all of our parts, so you can be sure that the part we send you is the perfect fit for your needs.

If you love travelling with others or simply want to be able to stay on site longer, portable sewer tanks are a no-brainer. Head on over to and browse our growing selection of portable tanks and other sanitation upgrades. If you have any questions about specific components or the virtues of portable waste tanks more generally, feel free to contact us and let our expert staff assist you with anything you might need.

Which 5th Wheel Hitch is Right For You?

Well, it’s looking like it’s nearly that time of year again – all across the US, the icy grasp of winter is finally giving way to green leaf sprouts and the warm rays of spring – yes, it’s finally almost camping season. For those outdoors lovers who make use of trailer RVs for all their excursions into the wilderness, that means hitching up the old trailer to your pickup for another year of hauling it out to all your favorite destinations in nature. If you’re a new owner of a trailer RV, or looking to buy one, you may have a major decision to make before packing everything up and rolling out: which 5th wheel hitch is right for you?

For those scratching their heads right now, let me clear one thing up first: no, your trailer does not have a secret fifth wheel. A ‘5th wheel hitch’ is a hitching system that is designed to mount inside the bed of a pickup truck and typically allows the trailer a greater degree of freedom of rotation, due to it attaching above the bed itself. Needless to say, this is an important piece of equipment, and one that comes in a nearly limitless array of styles and configurations, all dependent upon the type of truck and trailer being used, as well as the demands of the terrain and conditions it will encounter. We at RVupgrades know this, and for that reason we carry a selection of many different hitches to satisfy every customer’s needs. Here, we’ll detail a couple of our more popular models, and what exactly makes them different.

The B&W Patriot Slider is one of the more technically advanced and flexible hitches on the market, and has become known as a go-to model for a solid blend of quality and affordability. 100% American made, this hitch is also a great option for owners of short bed pickups – the Patriot Slider is so named for its ability to slide a full foot down the length of the bed, allowing the driver to adjust for extra room in parking lot or off road situations where tight maneuvering is necessary, then switch back to standard towing mode when on the road.

For those concerned about total height, the Reese 30K Low Profile hitch might be worth looking into. Designed for as simple and quick a hook up process as possible, this hitch features a prominent actuating handle for easy access and side-tilt rocker design that minimizes frame stress and reduces the difficulty of trying to hitch up on uneven ground. As its name implies, the low profile design and 3-inch vertical adjustability allow you to attach your trailer safely without adding unnecessary height to your setup.

If these options sound good to you, then you ought to have a browse through our online store, as we offer these 5th wheel hitches at the best prices you’re likely to find on the Internet or anywhere else. And if they don’t…well, then you should definitely have a look around, because we offer a huge range of other hitches by the most trusted brands in the game. Just don’t take too long to decide – the warm weather is on its way, so hurry up and hop on to today! We’re sure you’ll find something you like; or, give us a call and let us help you find everything you need for that smooth road trip you’re hoping for!

Prevent a Rocking RV with Stabilizer Jacks

Picture this, if you will: it’s a pristine, late spring day and you’re lounging under the sun at your favorite outdoor getaway. There’s an easy breeze filtering through the tree leaves, the sound of children at play in the distance, and you can already smell the first hints of juicy ballpark franks hitting the grill. You get up and head back to your RV trailer, perhaps to get a cold beverage to sip on, when you step into your RV and out of nowhere the unthinkable happens – you take a step forward in your RV and suddenly you fall forward and your RV rocks back and forth. Your appliances slide out of place and pots and pans fall onto the floor as cabinet doors swing open. This is a scenario we all hope to avoid and just one reason why you should always go with the best and most trusted RV stabilizer jacks available when it comes to the safety and security of your recreational vehicle. Fortunately for you, dear outdoorsman, you can have your choice of all the best RV must-haves and accessories by going to just one place, and that’s!

You can always shop confidently with us, knowing full well that not only do we stock strictly the best and most reliable parts around, but that our selection is hand-picked to offer you, the customer, such a wide range of options that you’ll never have to go scouring through other stores or poring over Internet search results to find what you’re looking for. For example, in the case of the above-mentioned scenario, a customer looking for a solution to their rocking RV would find no shortage of answers when browsing our online store.

Some of the simpler options you might come across include tire chocks such as the ones offered by BAL or Fastway, suitable for many setups. For a larger vehicle or a trailer that requires balancing, there are several brands of extendable RV stabilizer jacks such as the BAL 290 series of top-wind jacks, or Husky Towing Slide Out Stabilizers (great for eliminating that annoying rocking motion), both of which come rated for multiple weight capacities from 1000 pounds for a smaller towable camper all the way up to a heavy duty 5000. Still aren’t convinced? No problem! There are so many different brands and models available on our online store that we’re confident even the most discerning customer will find what he’s looking for – so, go ahead and browse away!

Of course, this is just one category of items, and RV stabilizer jacks are far from the only thing you’ll find we have. As one of the largest online RV and camper supply stores anywhere, we sport a selection of accessories and parts that is virtually unmatched on the Internet. From awnings and covers to lighting components and trailer hitches; if you can think of it, chances are we have it. And for those not used to shopping online, you can set your fears aside because with our bulletproof 90-day return policy, no purchase is a gamble! So what are you waiting for? The sunny days are on their way, head over to RVupgrades today and gear up for the great outdoors!

Deck Out Your New RV With Accessories!

There’s literally nothing better in the world than the RV lifestyle. You can travel around the country in maximized comfort while experiencing the glory of the outdoors. With a thin veil separating you from Mother Nature and homey relaxation, it’s no wonder that people are attracted to the benefits of owning a camper. RVupgrades loves RVs as much as any RV enthusiast; that’s why we sell the RV accessories that makes your vacation the one that you’ll remember for the rest of your life! With our help, you’ll refurnish that camper into the camper of your dreams.

So, what do you think your camper could use for improvement? Are you looking for some RV Awning Mats? We’ve got quite the selection to choose from! When you’re running in and out all day, it can create quite the mess! Not only that, but having dirt directly outside your front door can just be unpleasant. A nice RV Awning Mat can take care of that and lay out the foundation for some nice relaxation! Take the time to browse through our vast selection of RV Mats, and you’ll surely find one that suits your style. There’s nothing better than camping in some luxury, and RVupgrades has the stuff to help you get there!

You really can’t go wrong with some interior decorating, especially if it’s at an affordable price. All of the items that you’ll find on RVupgrades come at an extremely low cost, and that’s because we know you don’t feel like waiting around for a sale. When you want to deck out your camper’s bathroom with some fresh soap holders and towel rings, you’re looking at the perfect site to do so! You can turn your bathroom into five star hotel quality and only spend a fraction of the cost! It’s important to think about the little things, and taking a nice shower after a long day of fishing is definitely up there on our list!

It isn’t just the indoors that you have to worry about, either! What good is an RV Mat if you don’t have anything else to enjoy with it? With some brand new lawn chairs and a brand new grill, your camper can be the center of the party! Make sure you stock up on some fresh hotdogs and hamburgers, because it’s grilling time! When you look through our selection, you’ll find some of the best decorations around. You can purchase a flag, a carpet protector, literally anything that you can think of! There’s nothing better than finding a store that has all the items you need, and that’s exactly what we are.

We’ve been selling high quality RV accessories to customers in need for over fifteen years. Since 2002, people have enjoyed the great selection of fantastic products that RVupgrades has to offer, and we’ll continue to do so! If you have any questions about the products that we sell, or what products might be good for your RV, don’t hesitate to ask. We’re always here to help!