Life is Better With a Tire Pressure Monitor System

You see them along the side of the road a lot. Those poor RV owners with flat tires, scratching their heads and looking both ways up and down the highway. Sure, they’re going to be taken care of by a tow service or some other traveler who has suffered the same consequence. However, having a tire pressure monitor system might have saved a lot of frustration and downtime.

Good Ideas Are Always Simple

Determining how much tire pressure you have in each tire can be accomplished in many ways.

1. Look at the tire
2. Kick the tire
3. Hit the tire with a stick
4. Put an Air Gauge to work
5. Install a tire pressure sensor and sit in the comfort of the driver’s seat

RVupgrades thinks the last option is probably the best option because who knows what the weather is like outside and looking at a monitor is much more civilized than #1 through #4.

Go To the Folks Who Know
When it comes to tire pressure monitor system installation and operation, there’s no one like RVupgrades. Detailed information can be found on their website at with all the specifications and installation tips necessary for a successful install. If you need help, it’s only a call or a click away. The staff at RVupgrades knows their products and they also know their customer’s vehicles so there’s no disconnect between the parts purchased and the best customer service to support them.

Features to Look For In a Tire Pressure Monitor Sensor

RVupgrades recommends the following features for a tire pressure monitor system:

• Easy to install with dash or suction cup mounting
• Easy to read display with light adaptors for all light levels
• Large illuminated display showing PSI and temp
• Operate on 12-volt DC
• Built-in rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery
• Adjustable high / low pressure and temperature ranges
• LED and audible alarm when pressure or temp exceeds ranges

Safety and Convenience All in One
Road conditions can vary greatly and so can weather conditions. Knowing what the rubber is doing as it meets the road is important because lives depend on it. The ability to check the operating conditions of the tires individually at any time is not only a great convenience, but it’s also a question of peace of mind. There are plenty of other things to be concerned with when operating an RV nowadays so the ability to get the information you want quickly and reliably from the tire pressure monitor can be critical.

Find the Right System
When customers go to the RVupgrades website, they find much more than just part numbers and prices. They find a clearinghouse of information about the RV lifestyle, new products, tips for RV owners, and all kinds of other information. That’s because the staff at RVupgrades are knowledgeable about their products, so they can readily assist RV’ers when they are in need of some help. That kind of customer support is difficult to find and like gold when you find it. With RVupgrades, you get the right people with the right products and the right customer service to back it all up. Visit them online today!

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